View Full Version : Closed C64 double cased originals

2nd July 2012, 21:50
All in original double cases with original inlays and tapes, all tested and working perfectly.

Here goes...

Last Ninja 15GBP

Nebulus 10GBP

Phobia 10GBP

Soldier of Fortune 8GBP

Exolon 5GBP

The Living Daylights 5GBP

Hawkeye 8GBP

Terry's Big Adventure 25GBP

Mr. Heli 8GBP

Incredible Shrinking Sphere 10GBP

Dream Warrior 8GBP

Sacred Armour of Antiriad 8GBP

Bionic Commando 5GBP

Will consider swaps for boxed 'cardboard' games. Looking specifically for platformers. Looking also for a boxed copy of Flimbo's Quest either on tape or disk. Thanks