View Full Version : A1200 video mode issues

27th September 2009, 03:36
After getting a PSU(A500, courtesy of Hexsane at VCforum) for my 1200 (from ex collector). I fired it up on my TV. Black and white distorted WB 3.0 forms. I go ahead and install the NTSC driver to correct this, WB that isn't distorted pops up. So, I decide to put it up to 64 colors.
And I get a software failure. It does this whenever I try to get from 2 colors up to 4. I am using the composite leads connected to a tv modulator to display on my LCD TV ( which won't support composite). Is this the issue or what?

27th September 2009, 23:27
Ok, I've successfully managed to change the colors from 2 to 256, but I still have a monochrome Workbench. Dagnabbit :banghead:

28th September 2009, 02:39
Hard to tell without some more information: is the unit a NTSC one? Did you replace the capacitors? Is the LCD unit PAL/NTSC agnostic :?: :?: :?:

28th September 2009, 02:48
OK, the A1200 is a PAL, the LCD is an NTSC and no, what caps?