View Full Version : The Age old Question: Tatung TTAB510 XP Tab. Edition Drivers

27th September 2009, 19:31
Hello there my fellow chummies,

I have secretly managed to get my wifie a Birthday present: - Tablet PC so she can read her PDF's etc

SO I bought her a 256MB (soon to be 768) 1Ghz Tatung (Ciara) TTAB510 Tablet PC


now I managed to get it cheap, (as all that know me I am all about the cheapness) for just under the 60, but because of that I have to supply my own 2.5" HDD... thats not a problem.... and supply my own XP Tablet edition OS... again not a problem.... the problem arises with the specific drivers for this model

the Unit is a (Ciara-Tech) TTAB-510 Tablet PC made by Tatung (heres a manual) (http://www.ciara-tech.com/pdf/manual/Tablet_PC_User_Man-E.pdf)

Alas I have tried both TATUNG and Ciara-tech.com and could not find the "ttab-510" in the support page for any driver download.... infact all most of my googles lead me to buying more ram for the monster, like I dont have a 512MB DDR2100 200SODIM lying round the house.... tishk!

If anyone could help I would love to have the recovery CD that would be awesome too, however I would be happy with drivers as I can then custom setup the unit itself..

So I send this thread out... in the mearest of hope.....

"help me obi-wan-kanobi....." =)

27th September 2009, 20:41
Whack Lavalys Everest on it once you have the 2.5" drive up and running with XP Tablet Edition installed, then let it identify the hardware. If you Google 'Unnown Device Identifier' there is a useful little app you can download that can also be a great help.