View Full Version : Sold Three A4000 mainboards in various states

7th July 2012, 15:58
I have for sale three Amiga 4000 boards that all need a little TLC

All boards have very minor battery damage, and boards 1 and 2 have SIMM sockets that are still capable of holding a memory SIMM. All boards would benefit from a recap.

Board 1:
Works. Tested with A3630 & Blizzard 4030. Boots from IDE HDD. Socketed buster 9, kickstart 3.0.
€ 125,- (SOLD TO KRIS)

Board 2:
Works. Tested with A3630 & Blizzard 4030. Boots from IDE HDD. Soldered buster 9, kickstart 3.0.
€ 125,-

Does not boot. Tested with A3630. Flashing power-led on power on. Tests OK with Dialogica Diagnostic ROMs. Board in good cosmetic state. Socketed buster 9, kickstart 3.0, Fast ram SIMM sockets need replacing.
€ 75,-

Buy both working boards and get the defective one for free!!

NL: 6,75
EU 1: 13,00
EU 2: 18,50
EU 3: 19,30
WORLD: 24,30
(EU 1: BelgiŽ, Luxemburg, Denemarken (excl. FaerŲer Eilanden en Groenland), Duitsland, Frankrijk (incl. Corsica en Monaco), ItaliŽ (excl. San Marino en Vaticaanstad), Oostenrijk, Spanje (incl. Balearen, excl. Canarische eilanden), Verenigd Koninkrijk (excl. Gibraltar en Kanaaleilanden), Zweden
EU 2: Bulgarije, Estland, Finland, Hongarije, Ierland, Letland, Litouwen, Polen, Portugal (incl. Azoren en Madeira), Roemenie, SloveniŽ, Slowakije, TsjechiŽ
EU 3: AlbaniŽ, Andora, BosniŽ-Herzegovina, Canarische Eilanden, Cyprus, FaerŲer Eilanden, Gibraltar, Griekenland, Groenland, IJsland, Kanaaleilanden, KroatiŽ, Liechtenstein, MacedoniŽ, Malta, MoldaviŽ, Montenegro, Noorwegen, OekraÔne, San Marino, ServiŽ, Turkije, Vaticaanstad, Wit-Rusland, Zwitserland
World: all others)

7th July 2012, 16:04

Declaring interest in the 1St card ;)

7th July 2012, 16:14
interested in third one, faulty.

7th July 2012, 16:15
Interested in Board Nr. 2

Withdraw my interested.

7th July 2012, 21:07
Interedted in board 1 or/and 2 if someone quits.

7th July 2012, 21:36
Interested in the whole lot if still available.

7th July 2012, 21:49
interested for board 1 and 2

8th July 2012, 13:16
Payment from Kris received for board 1.

14th July 2012, 21:32
Bebek has withdrawn interest, and SilkWorm has not responded to PM's since Monday.

Boards 2 & 3 now offered to NobodyII

14th July 2012, 21:53
Sorry, forgot to update in the thread :oops:

14th July 2012, 22:47
Deal with Tahoe - payment sent for the two remaining motherboards. :thumbsup:

15th July 2012, 01:35
Payment received! Shipping beginning of the week!

16th July 2012, 10:57
Board received ! Not tested yet but very well packed and looks good ;)

27th July 2012, 08:24
Board 2 and 3 received. There is very heavy capacitor damage with defective tracks at the audio area on both boards... :(