View Full Version : Apollo 1230 broken?

7th July 2012, 17:42
Hi there guys, looks like in the midst of trying to sort out my mouse adapter, something has happened to my accelerator.

Miggy boots without it (i.e. uselessly, with just over 1Mb of RAM left after the graphical needs of WB.

Miggy fails to boot with it.

Power light comes on but nothing from either F.Disk or H.Disk light.

I've tried 4 other simms in case that was the problem but nothing works. I'm thinking now that between opening and closing the case last time, I static shocked one of the chips on the card.

The term 'gutted' doesn't quite cover it :(:(:(:(:(:(

Any ideas?

7th July 2012, 17:51
Try removing and reseating the accelerator.

I use some white tack to hold a large rectangular piece of card on the back of my keyboard to ensure it doesn't touch my accelerator - if it touches metal to metal i get a black screen with no floppy or hd light activity. Make sure no metal shield or keyboard backing is touching the accelerator.

You can always test the mobo uncased with just the accelerator installed.

Apollo's don't have the best reputation for reliability.

7th July 2012, 18:03
also try cleaning the expansion port with ipa

7th July 2012, 18:08
yep try cleaning the connector on the card, i can try it on a a1200 here if it helps?

7th July 2012, 18:27

I had unplugged it a couple of times without it working and was ready to give up, but after snoozy's advice I gave the card a good blow and now it works!

Cheers m'dears!