View Full Version : Cbm 128 power supply

7th July 2012, 19:14
I have a uk Cbm 128 computer and have just received a Cbm 128 power supply USA spec. I didn't realize but they aren't compatible, the end where you plug the power supply into the Cbm 128 is different.
Is there an adaptor I can purchase to plug my us ps into my uk machine ?

Thanks in advance

7th July 2012, 22:55
Adapters are available for example in airport and electronics stores so physically you should be able to plug it in but the real problem is the voltage rating of the PSU. USA has 110 Volts and Europe has 230 Volts. If it isn't rated for 220 Volts at least, you'll fry it and in the worst case scenario also the C128 the first instant you plug it in.

There is another solution, though. You put a step down transformer in between so you should be able to use it.