View Full Version : Who can refurbish my A4000d ?

8th July 2012, 14:12
I recently acquired an A4000d which seems to work fine. However battery has leaked so it has to be replaced and while we are at it I rather would like to have it checked / recapped and whatever is needed to make it run for another 15 years. Maybe also upgrade the IDE ?

So who can do this for me and has some proven experience ?

8th July 2012, 17:38
You could ask Hikey (user here) (UK) or Cosmos (FRANCE) at amiga.org. The battery replacement is not that difficult, but replacing the smd caps is more difficult. I am sure cosmos knows the ide upgrade.

8th July 2012, 18:15
d0pefish did a fantastic job of my 1200 I would totally recommend him although I am aware he has just moved and has alot of life stuff to sort out so I can't guarantee he will have the free time but I would certainly give him a PM mate. :)

8th July 2012, 18:53

8th July 2012, 19:19
Well I have some people to contact then. And also another offered his services with a PM.

Anyway thanks so far !

8th July 2012, 23:02
Hikey did my A4000 and what a job he did...

Complete refurb on my motherboard, accelerator and power supply. The board looked like new after he had finished with it! He even refurbed my power supply and added a new fan and two pin fan connector! The whirlwind is now a breeze :D