View Full Version : GVP T-rex II or CS MKII ? Picasso vs CV64/3D ?

8th July 2012, 21:31
I have to say, i'm not extremely esperienced "big Amiga" user, more WHDLoad noob and modding maniac so i have a problem to find which boards are better.

I have recently purchased two nice A4000 setups with various expansions and would like to build one dream machine.
The choice is:
- GVP T-rex II 060/50 with SCSI onboard VS CSMKII 060/50 + SCSI addon
- Picasso IV vs Cybervision 64/3D + scandoubler

Seller declared that T-rex is better cpu board and as far i know is the newest manufactured, but what about speed and reliability?

Please Amibay, pimp my setup :D

8th July 2012, 21:44
I would go with CSMkII and PicassoIV.

CV64/3D was slightly faster in my experience but Picasso is the better all rounder IMHO.. Plus you can add concerto sound card :-)

I'd always go with CS over any other CPU.

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8th July 2012, 21:49
What would you say about scandoublers and image quality? I don't expect super-hyper speed, want to use it for WB and games so i'm more interested in easy connection and sharp pixels.
Soundcard ... actually i've got Toccata :]

8th July 2012, 22:04
Nice sound card :-)

Both give me nice crisp images, but only the PicassoIV has a flicker fixer for interlaced modes.

Both offer auto switching and support both cgx4 & Picasso so there really isn't much in it :-)
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8th July 2012, 23:51
Between the graphics boards, the Picasso IV is hands down the better card. I've had both running side by side, benchmarked them extensively in the same systems, the Picasso is faster and has noticeably better image quality. The scandoubler on the PIV is also programmable.

The only niggle with the PIV is that the scandoubler needs to be tweaked in order to get it perfectly (or thereabouts) synced with the Amiga video. If you don't do this, scrolling games (think pinball) will visibly jerk every so often when the Picasso and Amiga re-synch. The CV64/3D scandoubler is always stuck at 50/60Hz, which (while synched) makes it an eye-bleeding experience on late-era CRTs, and nearly useless with TFTs.

With regard to the accelerators, fitzsteve is right - the Cyberstorm MKII is the more hassle-free of the two cards, without a doubt. It's also rock-solid reliable. That said, the T-REXX has faster onboard SCSI, and its memory performance blows the MKII out of the water. Memory performance on the T-REXX is about the same as the CS MKIII/PPC, trumped only by the QuickPak '060.

The SCSI driver on the T-REXX (and 2060 TekMagic) is plagued by an infamous bug that prevents it from automounting anything other than FFS partitions. This can be remedied with a ROM update, but requires extra hassle, especially since the later T-REXX boards had the 27C256 ROM soldered to the board. I have been running the modified ROM on my 2060 for a few years now, and will say the NCR SCSI is lightning fast with PFS3, and performs a bit better than the MKII SCSI add-on.

I currently have an MKII in my main 4000, and have been looking to replace it with a T-REXX (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=30870). But I'm also a glutton for punishment and don't mind tinkering with the T-REXX to get the best out of it. Personally, I would choose the T-REXX. If you just want to plug it in and enjoy, the MKII is definitely the better card.

19th August 2012, 15:07
Thanks guys, i'll stick to Picasso and T-rexx, challenge accepted :lol: