View Full Version : 360 wireless reciever reveiw

28th September 2009, 22:09
OK another new toy arrived today and.....

superb!!! plugged in windows installed it automatically, synced the wireless xbox 360 wheel and played shift! really improved the game once the deadzones were sorted out.

build quality is fine as it looks neat enough, the wheel and the wireless controllers hooked up to it in no time and with no trouble ;o) also worth mentioning you can use 4 YES 4!!! controllers at the same time with 1 reciever ;o) doubles anyone? :woot:

17.00 inc postage and i've halved my controllers (anyone want a PC steering wheel and pedal set?)

the reciever went straight onto my media centre as well making Mame a joy to play on the 42" while sitting in my command centre chair (ask Gaz!)

in short! cool go get one!

cheers, JuvUK.

sorry about the pics forgot i was still on manual focus, then couldn't be bothered to take any more photos :thumbsup2:

28th September 2009, 22:41
nice one!!!! I was thinking to get one so I can play emulators from my bed :jester: on my soon-to-buy 32_or_37" lcd-tv

29th September 2009, 04:29
What do you need to use wireless 360 controllers and other devices on a PC? Any bluetooth receiver? I'm currently using a wired 360 controller with my PC, but would like to use a wireless one if possible.

29th September 2009, 08:00
@ Harrison, firstly to save space, 1 set of controllers for 2 machines, secondly more and more PC games are imports (with better graphics) from the 360 and so have built in support for the controllers. and 3rd no wires! :thumbsup:

sorry Harrison, i mis-read your post, you just need the wireless receiver in the picture in the 1st post and a 360 wireless controller/wheel that's all :thumbsup2:

29th September 2009, 11:13
So wireless 360 devices will only work on a PC using the official Microsoft "Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows"?

I remember reading somewhere about them using bluetooth, but that was probably wrong.

29th September 2009, 11:29
not to the best of my knowledge (that's not saying much i know) but as far as i'm aware you do need the official receiver

29th September 2009, 12:20
OK cheers. I will keep an eye out for one at a good price.