View Full Version : Wanted Amstrad CTM644 power supply

9th July 2012, 12:06
Its a long shot but I after the internal power supply (the one that powers the computer in the monitor)

Mine is a bit temprimental

Let me know

21st July 2012, 12:45
The monitor has enough space just to fit 2 small power supplies of 1.5Amps, one 5V and one 12V. You can fit them on the upper left and upper right of the monitor. You can solder the power supply a/c leads to the main monitor power supply and their dc outputs to the already fitted jacks. This way i've got 12V supply on ctm644 and drilled the front to fit a 12V jack output.

If you want to repair the existing power supply, check the solder joints on the mainboard (5V and 12V), the diodes and fuse resistors and transistors near the 5V - 12V areas.

17th April 2015, 12:45
i can repair the power supply if you are willing to ship it.