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9th July 2012, 15:00
Having a rather large collection of DVD's, games, Blu-rays etc. I decided to invest in a disc repair machine. I have to say that it's performance has been remarkable, even cleaning up the xbox 360 'laser burn'.

To share in my good fortune I have decided to offer this service to all amibayers :)

If you have a lightly to badly scratched disc that skips and won't play properly, this will likely solve the problem. If the foil layer of the disc is damaged this won't help. If you want to send me a picture beforehand that is also fine and I will see, based on what I have done to my discs, if it is likely to work.

Cost will be 2 for the first disc and 1.50 for each subsequent disc.

However, for the first 5 confirmed orders, I will do the repair for 1.50 for the first and 1 for each additional disc, irrespective of the number of discs! So 10 discs you pay 10.50 + p&p or 54 discs you'd pay 54.50 + p&p.

Return postage will be charged as a large letter either first or second class, or I am happy for you to include the relevant stamps/postage. I will return your discs in the packaging they are sent in, unless you would like them returned in a card mailer, then I would ask for an additional 30p as I would have to buy the mailer for you. If you would like recorded delivery that will be charged additionally, or you can provide the stamps for the correct amount.

I am able to test most discs prior to returning, but please ask if I can test yours before sending.

If you have a lot of discs needing repair, please let me know as I can only do a few at a time as this will be done in the evenings!

Turnaround times for upto 10 discs - 3 days. Upto 100 discs - 15 days. Ask for timescales for more.

To make things easier and more transparent I'll list some prices of things you may wish to have, such as packaging for the return journey:

CD mailer - 0.30 each (takes a single disc comfortably, two at a push!).
Extra strong cd mailer - not available (takes approx 4 discs in sleeves).
Plastic CD Sleeve - 0.08 each
Paper CD sleeve - not available
Return postage, using own packaging (single disc, standard letter) 0.50 second class post if under 100 grams.
Return postage, using own packaging (single disc, standard letter) 0.60 First Class post if under 100 grams.
Return packaging, in card mailer, first class 0.60 + cost of mailer. (single disc only)
Return postage, in card mailer, second class 0.50 + cost of mailer. (single disc only)
Recorded delivery for Royal Mail 0.90 in addition to postage price.

Of course, you can send with your disc the return postage, and I will re-use your packaging, or if specified will use a cd mailer or sleeve etc.

If I think of anything else, I'll add it!

Also, if you choose to have a disc repair attempted I'm afraid I can't accept any responsibility if it doesn't work following the attempt. It may be that extra damage was done, such as denting to the plastic, damage to the foil layer or cracks, none of which can be fixed. In all cases, where a repair is attempted a fee is payable. Generally, most scratched discs, even if scartched quite deeply can be repaired. If discs have been repaired before, please let me know, especially blu-rays as these have a much thinner polycarbonate layer than DVDs.

9th July 2012, 15:56
Pm on the way

9th July 2012, 21:40
PM replied :thumbsup:

18th November 2012, 10:16
This service is still being offered - to show what a difference it makes, I have added some pictures to the first post - finally :roll:

9th April 2013, 22:39
Still offering this service if anyone is interested!

9th April 2013, 23:38
Offtopic but what machine are you using? I have mine boxed up again after using it on about 50 or so discs but it did seem to do ok, 80% success rare I would say, some discs were pretty bad though and I had acquired those as none working :)

Oh, this is the one I have: http://www.rakuten.com/prod/jfj-easypro-disc-cleaner-and-repair-system/214674508.html?listingId=98160810

16th April 2013, 23:28
I've had really good results, including on a badly gouged disc, although it went through about 20 times before it would work again, then again it had been sanded before I got hold of it :roll:.

I am using this machine: http://www.totaldiscrepair.co.uk/machines/discontinued/compact

and have to say it's really good - it's all automatic so all I have to do is put it in, push a button wait a while then take it out and polish. I don't think I have any problems with discs that have been through the machine, aside from those that were already cracked.

17th April 2013, 01:36
Looks like a really nice machine, definitely a step or two up from what I have been using :thumbsup:

Yeah, gotta hate discs with a spindle crack or scratches on the side with the printing :thumbsdown:

20th August 2013, 18:22
Still offering this service at the advertised rates! Ideal for cleaning up your collection :)

Amiga Forever
20th August 2013, 18:48
Can you do Gamecube disc?:unsure:

20th August 2013, 20:50
got smash brothers for Wii and refuses to load disk, the disk looks spotless apart from 1 scratch at the very centre across what looks like the barcode like area (disk copy protection ?) want to try fix it ?

20th August 2013, 21:22
@ Amiga Forever - If it's the same sort of size as a mini CD it shouldn't be a problem. I can't test it afterwards though as I don't have any Nintendo consoles.

@ Sardine - I can certainly give it a go. How deep is the scratch? Unfortunately I don't have a Wii so couldn't test it afterwards.

20th August 2013, 22:18
http://media.use.com/images/s_1/45e9ec5c32f7ff22811f_1.jpg (http://www.use.com/scratch_45e9ec5c32f7ff22811f?p=1) http://media.use.com/images/s_1/45e9ec5c32f7ff22811f_2.jpg (http://www.use.com/scratch_45e9ec5c32f7ff22811f?p=2) http://media.use.com/images/s_1/45e9ec5c32f7ff22811f_3.jpg (http://www.use.com/scratch_45e9ec5c32f7ff22811f?p=3)

the 2 black lines is kinda a border with barcode style stuff, the scratch goes across this I guess making it look like a copy as it cant detect the disc ??

20th August 2013, 22:29
Scratches are a pain to photograph on a shiny surface :lol: Took me ages to get the light right on the ones I posted :roll:

The machine I have cleans all the way to the edge of the disc, so it should get those scratches as they are just on the data surface. I'm happy to give it a go for you, but unfortunately I don't know anyone who has a Wii, so it would be returned cleaned and polished, just not tested :( I've cleaned plenty of my own games and they worked fine afterwards, so I'm pretty hopeful it would work.

Let me know if you want me to take a shot at it :thumbsup:

21st August 2013, 00:25
Hi Austinsom,

I have a Redisc machine from Total Disc Repair and although it cost circa 550 with the optional deep scratch kit it does work wonders. I can get through about 30 disks an hour with about a 95% success rate.

I use it in my shop and it has been an invaluable tool. The link to your model gives a page not found error, which model do you have?

21st August 2013, 13:37
@ ShadieB - As I only use it for a personal collection, and helping out some friends, I went for the Compact v2 model. Despite its small size, it gives excellent results.

You've got a great machine there! If/when I replace this one, I may look at a Disc-go-Devil, but probably don't need more.

If you ever decide to sell for an upgrade, let me know ;)

22nd August 2013, 00:55

I don't think I will be selling any time soon as it is too damn useful both for my business and personal stuff :)
If I do though I would let you know.


10th September 2013, 10:13
Still offered :thumbsup:

28th September 2013, 11:25
Still offering this service :thumbsup: