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9th July 2012, 22:26
Managed to score a Vectrex of eBay back last week, paid ** for it delivered and whilst its not in excellent condition its accpetable or though there are a few issues with it. The on/off/volume knob is a bit temperamental, sometimes when you click it to the on position it doesnt turn on and you have to fiddle with it a few time for it to actually turn on. The other problem has only started happening in the last day or so, it actually started to happen after i put the Vectrex back together after taking it apart to clean the inside as it was abit dirty, i didnt touch anything inside at all. Now it would appear that it takes a good few minutes for a picture to actually appear on the screen, at first after putting the Vectrex back together i thought i had completely buggered it but after a few minutes of turning it on and off a picture appeared. Tried it again this morning and no picture again until leave it turned on for a minute or so and then got a picture.

Also now the sound is acting up. The game music now sounds out of tune...strange as it may sound, maybe one of the channels has stopped working?, something very strange is going on
any ideas what is causing any of these issues??

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9th July 2012, 22:29
The Vec taking a while to start after you turn it on is fairly common.

I'm pretty sure it's related to needing new CAPs.
Mine is like that...

The sound could be caps, or it could be a cold solder connection too..

I also know someone who was having problems with his Vec powering on and it turns out it was just his on off switch/knob.
He used some contact cleaner and cleaned it up, and was much better...

Good luck.


10th July 2012, 15:16
Is there a cap kit available for the Vectrex at all?

10th July 2012, 20:43
my vectrex needs a try or two before it turns on. always starts though. :)

10th July 2012, 22:08
Myself, I've wanted to re-cap my vectrex for sometime... worried what might happen if I leave it too late, but also as my soldering skillz arent so hot I should find someone else to do it!

here's one guide to recapping a vectrex: hope it helps


10th July 2012, 22:23
26 CAPs?



11th July 2012, 14:39
thanks for the info!