View Full Version : Closed 3"1/2 CPC disk drive

10th July 2012, 13:22
Hi, I have some 3"1/2 drives for sale.
these external drives are for Amstrad CPC 664 , 6128 and 6128+ computers. The package contains :

A 3"1/2 external floppy drive with two switches (side and boot)
+ 2 3"1/2 disks (sram et discology) 3"1/2
+ a CD with utilities (Pc and CPC) there is almost every CPC games.
+ The drive cable to connect either an old CPC6128 (with card edge) , either a CPC6128 Schneider (centronics) or a CPC6128+ . Just tell me which computer model you own. I will send you the correct cable.

No need for an additional power supply. It is an "Y" cable. You power on your drive from the monitor to the drive, and then to the computer.
cost 35 + shipment from France. Paypal is free.