View Full Version : For Sale Nintendo Wii Softmodded

11th July 2012, 00:13
I have here a Nintendo Wii softmodded and comes with power supply,remote and nunchuck, av cables and wii bar and stand.

There are also some games installed on the menu from when I bought them on the shop. I can remember buying Super Mario 64, Ghosts'n'Goblins, MArio Golf 64, Lylat Wars, Kirbys Fun Pak, F-Zero X

The Wii has had a new laser fitted by myself and it comes with no covers for the sd card slot or cube ports at the top.

Its all working as it should.

Asking 40 & posting is free for UK amibayers

Paypal or bank transfer


5th February 2013, 23:21
hey man do you have the NAND backed up incase i need to update the usb loader and other channels?

7th February 2013, 21:34
i am interested providing its still available