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11th July 2012, 16:48
A very good CRDW SCSI by Plextor, the PX-R412Ci (http://www.netcomdirect.com/plpx12sccddr1.html) with a caddy. In very good condition.

Price is 25€ + postage

Postage :

Belgium 7€
Rest of EU 19€
Rest of the world , please ask.

Paypal gift or IBAN money transfer... and buyer pays fees

12th July 2012, 14:08
Here are the pictures

12th July 2012, 19:20
This is a CD-R drive, not CD-RW
It's still one of the finest examples of such hardware though :drool:

12th July 2012, 20:17
I confirm it is a CRDW

4x write (600 KB/s)
8x-12x read P-CAV (1200 KB/s - 1800 KB/s)
Max. 5.0MB/sec Burst Data Transfer Rate
Access Time 190 msec
2 MB Buffer
Fast SCSI-2 Interface
MultiRead Compatible
Leading Edge Performance

14th July 2012, 17:27
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14th July 2012, 20:01
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