View Full Version : Found Original SEGA MegaDrive 6 button pads

12th July 2012, 13:54

I am looking for a couple of original SEGA 6 button pads for the megadrive/genesis , like the following:


they must be in good working order, not requiring excessive force for buttons to work etc :lol:


12th July 2012, 13:58
I bet that you want them to be clean as well... :lol:

Good luck. :)

12th July 2012, 14:16
Think I have an extra of those. Let me look :thumbsup:

12th July 2012, 14:29
I bet that you want them to be clean as well... :lol:

Good luck. :)

you are just jealous because none of your amigas has blast processing :lol::lol::lol:


do look my friend :thumbsup:

12th July 2012, 16:34
I have one, blue start button... but its mine and I'm keeping it! :lol:

Theyre great controllers, very popular in Japan as theyre a bit smaller than the standard ones, well suited for smaller hands.

Best of luck finding one :)

14th July 2012, 02:00
Sorry only seem to have one. Could've sworn I had another :?

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14th July 2012, 08:13
I have one i bought it used toghether with some amiga joystick 6 months ago and never used it, it's still wrapped in some plastic. But i have no way of testing it and i will dig it out and try to take a picture of it today.

14th July 2012, 09:37
@slk: don't worry my friend :)

@imaga_050: a pic would be great, thanks in advance!

14th July 2012, 10:08
I should have some "real stuff"... somewhere... PM me if still interested

14th July 2012, 11:51
Oh, sorry it was a 3-button pad. didn't realize there were 6-button ones around also.
Well i took a picture anyway- http://s8.postimage.org/4cibpvy91/php9_SEAy8_AM.jpg

14th July 2012, 12:48
^ sent a PM this is still interesting ;)

15th July 2012, 09:56
I have come with agreements with both imaga_050 and 80sFREAK so I found the pads, thanks!

26th July 2012, 09:07
I received imaga_050 's package today, many many thanks for a great controller and trade :)

2nd August 2012, 20:43
got 80sFREAK 's package today, awesome stuff! thanks!