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12th July 2012, 18:49

I've got a couple of USB II HDD Caddies and I've popped a 20gb IDE HDD inside one, I've FAT32 formatted it to full capacity and moved some Amiga files over to the drive I want to use with my A4000.

The A4000 has a Deneb USB so I wasn't expecting any issues but the storage device wont initialize, it picks up that I've connected a mass storage device but tells me that it's not FAT or NTFS formatted :unsure:

Is 20gb too big I wonder?

I guess I could create an RDB and SFS format it but I'd rather FAT32 so I can transfer files without WinUAE.

Of course I already have FAT95 in L: and my USB thumb sticks are mounting and working fine.

I have used this caddy before on my other A4000 but at that time the HDD was setup with SFS partitions.

Thanks for reading, any help appreciated :thumbsup:


12th July 2012, 19:00
Sorry for my ignorance but is there any chance a FAT16 partition would work better? ( I have no idea, maybe they donŽt get recognized at all :) or maybe they work better) Maybe try making a 2GB FAT16 partition and see if that works? Then if it works, youŽd kind of use that one partition as a transfer partition and move the stuff to the remaining space on the bigger FAT32 partition every once in a while.

12th July 2012, 20:44
Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure what the issue was, I also tried an NTFS partition but just wasn't picked up by Posiden :huh:

I decided to put 2x 9gb SFS partitions instead and they work fine so I can access my files and I guess I'm happy :)

Still be nice to know if anyone had this issue and how/if the solved it :thumbsup:

12th July 2012, 20:56
hi steve i can try my spare 300gb on my spider 2moz if you like

12th July 2012, 21:12
hi steve i can try my spare 300gb on my spider 2moz if you like

Would be nice to see if it works :)


12th July 2012, 21:42
hi stevo just tested it for you and

http://s5.postimage.org/9ey3ojngj/20120712_213506.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/9ey3ojngj/)

http://s5.postimage.org/8qp95loqr/20120712_213516.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/8qp95loqr/)

http://s5.postimage.org/f5oa29vgj/20120712_213535.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/f5oa29vgj/)

so works fine mate is win 7 on hd

12th July 2012, 22:58
Nice one, it must be the way my caddy set's up the drive as I noticed it say the storage was not removable, I'll try another HDD in a different Caddy :)

Cheers :thumbsup:

12th July 2012, 22:58
no worries mate :thumbsup:

13th July 2012, 01:13
sunds like the caddy is causing problems. Fat32 should be usable up to 2tb, depending on the systems that reads it. Any possibility of faulty blocks/mbr or rdb on the drive ? U could try cleaning it in linux with gparted or windblows with diskpart from cmd (win7 has it built in). Cmd/diskpart/list disk/select Disk X/CLEAN. Diskpart has saved me before, even on compactflash that got fudged up with old mbr/rdb. Good luck :)