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2nd October 2009, 13:21
Loads of great photos have been added to the amigafuture website for this year's German Classic Computing 2009 event.

If you don't know what this is, its very similar to the many retro computing events we have been seeing in the UK, with loads of machines setup and running.

You can take a look though the images by going to here (http://www.amigafuture.de/album_cat.php?cat_id=124).

It's a shame the images have not been given any detailed comments as I have no clue who anyone in them are. Does anyone else here recognise anyone?

And also some of the hardware photographed is a mystery to me. Details about it would have been good. Anyone know what this (http://www.amigafuture.de/album_page.php?pic_id=14678) and this (http://www.amigafuture.de/album_page.php?pic_id=14668) is? Looks great in blue regardless.

A warning for some of you. There is a lot of hardware Pr0n here. Zetr0's heart might not take it! :lol:

2nd October 2009, 13:37
I believe that the blue motherboard is one of Thomas Georg's Phoenix A1000 replacement boards. This was a complete re-design and re-implementation of the Amiga A1000's motherboard, incorporating a lot of improvements.

Would a member of the a1k.org German Amiga and Phoenix community care to provide some more information about this unit?

2nd October 2009, 13:38
A custom a1000 motherboard?

2nd October 2009, 13:51
isn't all the info on the a1 site?


yep just looked it's all about the phoenix is there for all to read :thumbsup:

oh and this

Phoenix Microtechnologies, Australia Date
1990 Amiga

* replacement A1000 motherboard replaces the original A1000 motherboard
* includes all ports of the original A1000 motherboard
* adds a Zorro II and a video slot
* Paula, Denise, the CIAs and the 68000 have to be transfered from the old motherboard
* Agnus is not transfered, it is replaced by Fat Agnus
* ECS compatible
* Kickstart 1.3 preinstalled
* can hold four Kickstarts, two of which can be selected with the Kickstart Swap Switch
o two sockets for standard Commodore Kickstart ROMs
o four sockets for a set of up to 48 megabit EPROMs
o one socket for a 16 bit wide EPROM (8 megabit)
* internal RS232 serial header (same as on the A2000 motherboard)
* monochrome video output (RCA) instead of the A1000's composite colour output
* PGA FPU socket and oscillator socket
* disk drive swap switch - allows booting from a floppy disk drive other than DF0:
* software switching of the 7.5 kHz audio filter - disabling the filter dramatically improves sound quality
* battery backed up clock
* all chips are socketed

* memory on motherboard 16 DIP sockets accept up to 2 MB RAM
* accepts 256k4 DIPs in groups of four
* possible configurations:
o 512 kB Chip RAM
o 512 kB Chip + 512 kB Fast RAM
o 1 MB Chip RAM
o 1 MB Chip + 1 MB Fast RAM
o 2 MB Chip RAM (requires Super Agnus to be installed)

* optional memory daughterboard (Photo) 16 ZIP sockets for 8 MB RAM
* takes 1M4 ZIPs
* connects into the 96 pin DIN connector

* SCSI controller autoboot ROM
* 5380 controller IC
* 50 pin internal SCSI header
* optional DB25 external connector kit
* optional internal hard disk mounting kit
* SCSI-Direct support
* does not support the RDB standard
* on revision I motherboards a hardware interrupt logic is implemented
o allows the SCSI subsystem to work with disconnect/reconnect and diskchange interrupts
o provides better compatibility with SCSI2 hardware and CD-ROMs
o increases performance of non-HD devices
* A-Max driver

* optional genlock clock module with a 2 MB ECS Agnus genlocks are not supported without this module
* connects into the oscillator socket of the Phoenix motherboard