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13th July 2012, 04:01
Atari Megafile 20. I only want the price of postage. No cables, and I don't know if it works.

13th July 2012, 04:09
interested pending postage to Canada. Sending PM:thumbsup:

13th July 2012, 04:20
Is it really appropriate for a trader to be taking free stuff? Are you planning on reselling this for a profit?

13th July 2012, 04:36
Nope, I want to use this on my personal Atari. NOT going to be for sale.:D

Also remember there are a lot of "IF's" here, IF it doesn't cost over $50 CAN. to ship it to me,
IF i can convert it to North American power, ad IF it works.
Sounds like someone is cranky because I got to it first:whistle:

13th July 2012, 07:34
Hi put me second in line if other person don't want it I am based in Birmingham UK.

13th July 2012, 11:10
Hi please put me third in line. I have been looking for a megafile for aages. I even have a wanted thread for one since november:


13th July 2012, 17:15
Sounds like someone is cranky because I got to it first:whistle:

Nope, I don't even have an Atari... but I thought this site had some sort of policy against traders accessing the Recycle Bin? You know... the area where free stuff is offered up?

This thread should really be moved to the correct section.

13th July 2012, 17:36

I appreciate you diligence, however ncaffkey is not an AmiBayer, as such moving this to the recycle bin would mean he wouldn't be able to mange his own thread. I will remedy that shortly as nkafkey has demonstrated the spirit of which AmiBay is founded.

This aside - one doesn't have to put items in the recycle bin.

Now, as you may of noticed Quarkx is private trader, as such he knows that he is only allowed to buy or claim items for personal use.

Have a read here for more details (http://www.amibay.com/misc.php?do=cfrules)


Good luck with the trades guys, I have never seen or even heard of one of these little monsters, anyone got a link to more info?

13th July 2012, 18:30
Here's a linky with bit of info. Megafile is an external hard drive that connects to Atari ST using the ACSI interface, which is Atari's proprietary version of SCSI interface.


13th July 2012, 18:35
4th? For me please.

13th July 2012, 18:57
I'll join the interested queue as well :)

5th in queue?

13th July 2012, 20:55
Ok, wow, I can't do anything right these days.
Anyways, it looks like shipping will be WAY more than the $50 Canadian I have budgeted for this, So I will have to pass it to the next person in line.

Yes I am a private trader, I no way make any sort of living or that much of any profit with my sales, especially since not very many people actually buy stuff off me here :p.

14th July 2012, 15:45
Hi payment sent via paypal cheers.

14th July 2012, 19:08
Thanks, I sent the Megafile today. PM sent with details.

18th July 2012, 09:20
Hi Neil just to let you know items delivered today all good the scanner was brand new which was a bonus and the megafile is in very good condition.Thank you once again for your generosity and I wish you all the best.

18th July 2012, 20:08
hi both now that this is complete please leave feedback for each other