View Full Version : What is this stuff?

13th July 2012, 04:02
Ok, probably a noob question but what is this stuff on the 4000 motherboard? I know I have seen it once before (also on a 4000 motherboard I think) but I don't know what it is :(

13th July 2012, 04:18
Goo from something. If it is sticky or is completely dried, leave as is.

Probably someone painted something and let the painted thing (a chip?) over the board to dry and didn't clean the residue.

13th July 2012, 04:38
Don't people know it's sacrilege to spill stuff on our dear machines :thumbsdown:


Still weird though that I have seen that same stuff on another board, unless it's one of my weird episodes of deja vu :Doh:

13th July 2012, 04:48
It also could be something left over (wasn't cleaned properly) from the assembly line, could be wax to hold stuff together until proper soldering took place or some kind of binary stuff for readers as the boards went past them.

13th July 2012, 06:41
It's definitely surface mount adhesive, but why it's on top of the chips is a mystery :ninja:


13th July 2012, 08:21
someone made an ancient pagan blood ritual so the amiga can live forever :o

:p :lol: :lol: :lol:

13th July 2012, 08:24
someone made an ancient pagan blood ritual so the amiga can live forever :o

:p :lol: :lol: :lol:

Or so it could live at all :ninja:

13th July 2012, 11:41
Will its quite likely wax from some SMD conveyor - I honestly think Keropi hit the nail on the head with the fact its actually part of some pagan blood letting ritual to get the A4000 working.

This particular motherboard was the sacrificial lamb, or at least the alter the lamb was sacrificed upon so others could work!

13th July 2012, 11:43
Alright, so I am a little less worried now :thumbsup:

Or am I? :wooha:

I guess it explains this little doll resembling Bill Gates in the bottom of the Mirage case .. it had a bunch of needles in it :whistle: