View Full Version : Wanted BlizzardPPC 603e 240mhz + 060/50

2nd October 2009, 18:14
Hi. Im looking for the holy grail of phase 5 turboboards, the 240mhz ppc + 060/50 blizzardppc (for a1200). Nothing less. Has to be in excellent condition! Overclocked examples are welcome. Willing to pay good price, as seen on ebay. Please reply in thread.

2nd October 2009, 22:58
here I found one

.... unfortunately this links to an auction, It would be best to PM rvo your finding(s) as you are not allowed to post links to live (non buy it now) auctions....

I know this was not your intention so please dont worry, I know you only ment to help =)

best wishes

Zetr0 ...<snip>

2nd October 2009, 23:07
Thats the 160Mhz 040, not quite what he was after unfortunately.

3rd October 2009, 01:00
that link... what does it say?

3rd October 2009, 01:07
that link... what does it say?

dont they teach you Russian in them American skoolz? =D

3rd October 2009, 11:29
hi, thanks for the link and comments. unfortunately r0jaws was right; I want the 'ultimate' version. I have owned a 160mhz + 040 board in the past anyway. I've only seen one 240mhz+060 on ebay in the last 6 months, so I was hoping one of you people was thinking of selling directly to me.

10th June 2014, 17:37
also this thread can be closed. found one on amigaworld years ago. still working :)