View Full Version : Where to buy a PCMCIA port?

15th July 2012, 16:39
I broke my PCMCIA port of my Amiga 600 and the Pins are broken. Where can I buy such a port?

This store has it:

http://www.amistore.de/Amiga-Hard-und-Software/Ersatzteile/PCMCIA-Einloetbuchse-Neu::58058.html (http://www.amistore.de/Amiga-Hard-und-Software/Ersatzteile/PCMCIA-Einloetbuchse-Neu::58058.html)

But the price with VAT and shipping cost are almost 20 Euro :wooha:.

For this price I can almost buy anotherr A600 motherboard.

I tried to buy one from E-bay, but I couldn't find one. Does someone know where I can find one?

15th July 2012, 18:28
Can't you remove one from an old laptop mainboard?

15th July 2012, 19:46

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