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16th July 2012, 07:42
Hey Folks!

Has anyone played around with Elbox's "beta" pci.library version 10.0? It's the one I've read about that attempts to fix/bypass the DMA issue that prohibits some Radeon Cards from working in OS 4.1, or from supporting Warp3D. The download site is:
and the newest Radeon.card:

I'm able to incorporate it into my OS 4.1U4 kernal with it being seen as a loaded library, but as I have a normal Radeon 9200, I don't see any changes. I tried it as part of the Mediator Install package, including Version 3.22 of the spider.device and SB128; but alas no help with those two. With it incorporated in the kernal, I lose my sii3114ide.device with the 120GB HDD. The sii3114ide is still there, but no drives are attached. That's when I stopped, put the kernal back to normal and though of asking the general Amiga public to trash me. Oh, I mean get their input.

I'll play with it under OS 3.9 tomorrow.

16th July 2012, 11:21
hi i have been using it for a while but only got 3.9

16th July 2012, 11:44
Does it seem to make any difference?