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16th July 2012, 14:41
Looking for a powered scart splitter - fully wired. They're not very easy to come by anymore, meaning I can't find any that are actually in stock anywhere.

External links are welcome in this one :thumbsup:

16th July 2012, 15:35
Depending on your needs, this might do the job.


There is one auction in evil bay, I will send you link to it by pm because itīs not buy it now.

edit: Duh I had it wrong way around, you need to split one image to many displays? This one is for choosing source for one display :oops:

16th July 2012, 16:36
Thanks for the link, however I need a splitter, not a switch. The powered switches are not wired for reverse :(

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16th July 2012, 16:54
On the other hand, take a read at this manual!

With the Vivanco switch control AV Control 5 up to
5 audio-video devices can be connected
comfortably to one TV scart socket. In addition, it
can be used to make recordings with up to 5
recorders. Also, up to 4 TVs, LCD monitors,
beamers, etc. can be connected simultaneously to
distribute an audio-video signal, e.g. from a DVD
recorder, DVB-T receiver in top RGB quality. The
Vivanco Control 5 has so many different application
possibilities that the following instructions should be

16th July 2012, 17:00
Yes, this one actually does go both ways. It's overkill in my case because I only need 2 outs, but I'm keeping the link at hand in case I can't find any other options. Cheers, Mendel!

29th July 2012, 12:52
Can be closed - the keene switches I got had a seconday video out :cool:

29th July 2012, 13:01
no worries