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4th October 2009, 20:49
I (think I) need a keyboard membrane for a Spectrum+. It won't boot past the (c) screen and I've been told usually this is because of the keyboard membrane. Does anyone have a spare or is it like asking for a spare ULA for the Acorn Electron (ie the bit that always breaks first!)?

5th December 2009, 16:27
If you are still looking for replacement membranes, we normally have some in stock - we have a couple of older type Spectrum + membranes which people can have for 10 - although not sure how much longer they will last.


6th December 2009, 17:02
Hi, yes I still need it (at least I think that's what's wrong!). I might try and see if there's anything else wrong before spending probably about what the whole thing's worth to fix it though. Do you know of any tests that can be done?

7th December 2009, 07:39
The only thing I can suggest is that you look at the physical condition of the membrane tails - does it have any splits in it? The other thing to check is that the two clamps are down across the membrane and tightly held in place - ALTHOUGH BEWARE - do not overtighten the screws, as once they just stop tightening up, the membrane will not work!

7th December 2009, 10:30
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