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17th July 2012, 22:04
Ok, here's one for the experts, I've been installing a new harddrive today on my A3000.

It's an 18,2GB 10K SCA80 with an adapter to 50 pins and active terminator on the end of the cable.
I did a fresh install of 3.1, went to 3.9 after that, all still good.

Installed WHDLoad and bunch of games, still good.

Started playing Testdrive, went fine, but after a game over, the video went all crazy and the sound was like when you had an old walkman and your battery was empty :wooha:

Turned it off, inspected the whole board, because the case has been off all day I could look right away, everything seems normal, nothing smells burned.

Started it again, no response, HDD led stays on the whole time.
Took the SCSI cable off, kickstart screen, inserted 3.1 install, boots fine.
Off again, SCSI cable with active terminator only, no boot at all.

I was suspecting the WD33C93A-PL 00-04 was dead, but as I inserted another same result, boots fine without anything SCSI attached, but doesn't boot with HDD.

So what do the experts think ?
Bad PSU (while it is working without any SCSI on it)?

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Ok, this is really strange.
I took it's orignal Quantum Atlas V 9,1GB and it booted right away.
Again connected the 18,2GB SCA 80 with the same adapter and also starts right away.

I think the idea of a failing PSU seems more likely, although it's running.
The one thing that does bother me is that Paula is getting quite hot and Fat Agnus even a bit tad more.

17th July 2012, 22:35
All I know is that funky PSU's have thrown me for a loop a couple of times lately with older systems .. so now I intend to try a different PSU first the next time I run into some weird behavior :thumbsup:

17th July 2012, 23:13
Your description is a bit abbreviated to get a clear picture of what is happening, but I believe you said the the 80-pin HDD (could you tell us the brand?) was working, then quit working, but when reattached began working again? If that is the scenario, then a flakey PSU COULD be the problem, but a loose connection that lost contact with heat became reconnected when you reseated the connection (happens with generic SCSI adapters).

If not could give us a little more detail to work through the problem?
As a side-note. The Atlas V drives always seem to work for me in my Amiga's

A multimeter will help rule in or out the PSU, although a measurement under "load" will more accurate

18th July 2012, 08:06
Well I can't clarify more, but I'm more interested in that collapse.
If the video goes all screwed up and the sound is slowing down to a crawl, I'd like to know why she did that and then after that is completely normal again.

18th July 2012, 08:58
If the loose connection involved a power connector then the current to all powered devices would fluctuate and if it went up or down by 1 volt, that would affect a lot of IC's to think they were being switched. If all is well now then check all your connection both data and power and, if necessary, reinforce them as needed; I have zip fasteners on my easy to fall apart connectors; they are cheap, strong, and easy to cut loose. I even have taped my SATA drive data cable because it separates too frequently.

About a month ago I was absolutely sure my backup Amy was dead after installing the Indivision MK2 and after several tries over 2daysi started to search for someone to have it repaired; but I gave it one last shot before packing it up to be mailed, it worked perfectly. Amigas do this but only a Devine being knows why