View Full Version : Closed wtb coleco adam setup

19th July 2012, 20:30
im looking to buy a complete working coleco adam setup. im based in the uk.


19th July 2012, 21:01
Hi Owen!

I hope you find what you're looking for. I've got two Adam systems at the moment but only one printer. Unfortunately, that printer doesn't work. That's a bit of a problem since the power supply for the computer is in the printer. :nuts:

Fortunately, I have a hacked AT power supply that I received with one of the Adams (from a member here actually). It lets me power the Adam without the printer, which I don't mind since the Daisy Wheel printer is pretty horrible anyways. :D

You definitely want to find something over there. Not only because you probably want a PAL system, but mostly because shipping one of these things overseas would be outrageously expensive!

Again, good luck in your search. :thumbsup: