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6th October 2009, 19:29
well here it is, it needs a clean a few bits boing but what do you want from a 250 car?


6th October 2009, 19:37
very nice ,

Its good to see you pay attention to the "no parking" signs then

6th October 2009, 19:39
lol it says on a Porsche V5 "the owner of the vehicle has the right to park where ever they bloody well like and drive flat out every where they go" honest guv :jester:

6th October 2009, 20:04
Ah, the good old 944. When I was 17 my mate's brother bought one of these. Fcuk me but we were impressed! But then, when I was 17, owning any sort of car made you some sort of billionaire playboy.
That one is in amazingly good nick for a car of this age.

6th October 2009, 20:55
the 944 if often confused with the 924, the 924 was the "poor man's Porsche" it had an Audi engine, a square dash and the arches weren't flared. most of these Porsches are in good order bodywise as they are galvanised so no rust, weak points are the cam belts which can snap and as it has a real Porsche 2.5ltr interference engine can get very messy and expensive, also the DME relays fail for a past time.
not quick but handle amazingly well, it the kind for gripping, gripping, gripping oh your dead handling ;o)
been running it for a while now and it's seriously good fun, pretty good on fuel and well worth 250 :D

Kin Hell
6th October 2009, 21:06
My Porker! :laugh:

Another word for "phallic object" more like. :jester:

Oh Juzzer, I love you to bits m8y but that car is kinda winning over my emotional feelings for ya. She's gorgeous. :inlove:

Just kidding kiddo, you're a Darling & if you do anything over the bonnet, make sure you ain't wearing jeans with Studs. Deb's says it's a bugger on the coachwork. :shock: :mrgreen:


8th October 2009, 11:22
thanks bud, appreciate it :thumbsup2: