View Full Version : Closed AGP Gfx Card

22nd July 2012, 17:39
I need a AGP gfx card for my kids computer but i can only spend around 30. They are currently using the ultra quick saluki linux but the onboard card is rubbish and its still slow.

thanks for looking and i hope to get a few cards to pick from.

22nd July 2012, 18:09
What's the motherboard/chipset? Not all AGP cards can be used on all AGP-slot motherboards (risk of burning the motherboard).

22nd July 2012, 19:25
At the moment i cant remember the model but i do remember using a radeon x800 pro on it at one point until the card died on me.

22nd July 2012, 20:13
If you can post the motherboard type we can dig the type of AGP card it can use.

Latest mobos can use 4x cards, earlier AGP is 1x or 2x.

22nd July 2012, 20:29
not to mention the AGP x8 which the ATI x800 use.

so it's easy to say that the MB is probably a 8x AGP slot, meaning most recent AGP gfx cards can be used

22nd July 2012, 20:47
I have a Verto 6800 GT AGP 8x 256mb sitting on my desk looking lonely ;)

It worked when i removed it from my pc a few years ago