View Full Version : Closed BBC Computer Model B - vgc, serviced psu

22nd July 2012, 22:20

One can only have so many BBC computers (but you gotta have at least one: ))

I'm regretably passing on my *nicest condition* model B.

Its ***unmolested***, Issue 4 motherboard, all works nicely, the PSU has been serviced and has had the caps replaced so it should not need PSU attention for another 10 years or so.

The case is a little yellowed if I want to be fussy but only by a tiny amount compared to my other BBC's. Inside it is just lovely, minty and spotless IMHO.

It even still has the 'ashtray' rom cover in place.

PRICE DROP price is 36 (was 40) plus 8 signed-for-delivery service, uk only, paypal gift (or buyer pays the fees please). Pickup is possible from near High Wycombe, Aylesbury or Potters Bar if it helps. I'd also say overseas is possible -well, maybe, but we will have to discuss.

If you want to know what you can do with a BBC, the short answer is 'everything'...Games can be loaded easily, all sorts of rom's too, disk drives can be picked up easily and so can MMC card adaptors, really all sorts. Any questions, or want better photo's, please drop me a pm.

cheers, Iain

24th July 2012, 17:39
hi! what is the shipping cost to Greece

24th July 2012, 21:07
UPS by road appears to be the cheapest - 30+vat (36), thats 4.5kg,46cmx39cmx24cm (parcelsplease.co.uk, and interparcel.co.uk quoting the same price)

please note that for overseas as the package wouldnt be 'signed-for' then it'd have to, please, be the buyers risk. I'd obviously show proof that a package had been sent. Hope you understand.

edit - parcelmonkey.co.uk quote a record low of 29.08 plus vat :)

26th July 2012, 16:26
Hi cfi, have you seen this ok?

31st July 2012, 15:53
Hi does this come with any software?

31st July 2012, 17:25
beyond dfs, no. I'll pm you to explain

3rd August 2012, 09:20
Price Drop to 36 plus carriage

4th August 2012, 22:53
Interested pm sent

5th August 2012, 08:26
Hyperfan- you again? :)

No pm received yet btw

Cheers, Iain

17th August 2012, 12:37
mods, can you please close this thread? Rather than let it sit like this open for ages and ages I'll close it and put the bbc into storage.

Might open the thread again winter time.