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25th July 2012, 06:02
Looking for a C13 cap to cover an unused extension outlet on an old power source, for safety and aesthetics. Something like this:


These should be about $$ in value, but I can't find them nearby and places I've found who sell them online ask for around $$ for shipping, which is not reasonable. Perhaps someone has a spare one just sitting around?

25th July 2012, 08:47
You mean this? other names: C13 Plug shield





http://www.agitaninc.com/purchase.html (accept paypal)

25th July 2012, 20:03
Yes, I suppose that would do, even though it's a bit more prominent and ugly than I was hoping for.

I did find those earlier, but the problem is (and I'm trying not to break site rules any further here) that while the items cost about what you would expect for a small piece of plastic, the prices of shipping to Finland that I could easily check for could actually cover for a brand new power source. Indeed, so high on at least one of those sites that customs would likely intercept the package!

I just thought I'd try my luck here in case someone had one to sell, since a simple padded envelope should do just fine.

25th July 2012, 20:29
You could try a local computershop/IT shop. They have them most of the times.

25th July 2012, 20:56
Can't you just cut the end off a connector, and take out the pins?