View Full Version : is it worth upgrading to a 010?

8th October 2009, 00:48
is it? I've bid on one on fleabay, to upgrade a friends 500, but now that I've done my homework, i'm not so sure he'd want it

8th October 2009, 01:11
the 68010 is a minor revision of the 68k.

Its mainly bug fixes and a couple of extra registers and functions (litterall a couple lol)

there is NO practical benefit in games, infact you may loose a little in compatability with older games or demos as these could rely on the bugs inherent in the 68k chip that when fixed may break the program.

You will however gain a couple of status registers, VBR being the most important.

the VBR is inportant as an "escape" key for WHDLoad games.

WHDLoad flags the VBR vector (register) for the Quit button, when pressed it quits... without this most WHDLoad games wont quit back to workbench.

From a coders standpoint, its worth noting there are a couple of extra functions in the form of tight loops of exectution that the 68010 can do, however I dont know of any Amiga software writtent to take advantage of this capability.

most 68010's do clock a little better than the older 68k's however, without fast ram, even clocking the chip upto 14mhz wont benefit you much.

hope that helps.

16th October 2009, 16:30
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... nothing Zetr0 hadn't already covered.

16th October 2009, 18:25
In real live you'll not notice any speed gains. Measured by a benchmark test like Sysinfo will tell you the truth: only 3% speed gain. At a cost of compatibility with old games (1.3 ROM systems and older).

Newer games are free from "010 bugs"* (mostly 1990 onwards).

*Like said before, the bug is on the 68000 chip. :wink: