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25th July 2012, 17:55
Hi all, just looking for a little advice.

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that has two hdd bays but only one hard drive.

Inside the second (empty) bay there are pins on the motherboard where a sata connector could be soldered on and the bios shows hdd1 but its blank so i believe the ability to have a second drive is there but is just lacking the connector however i am looking for some reassurance.

Basically i guess my question is, if i were to get hold of a sata connector such as this one (http://estore.circuitassembly.com/products/16-pin-female-micro-sata-socket-connector-rohs-compliant.html) (might not be the correct one but you get the idea) and soldered it in place do you think it would work?

The only thing that puts doubt in my mind is the laptop has an esata port on the side so i don't know if that is using the same part of the board that the second connector would use?

25th July 2012, 20:20
The board was obviously designed to accommodate 2 drives, I dont see an issue. It may be that there was a slightly different model of the laptop with 2 connectors produced in which case a little investigation and a bios update may be necessary. If done correctly however I can't see it hurting the board, as the connections are there.

Hopefully someone will come along with more info because I'd like to hear more on this myself. :thumbsup:

25th July 2012, 20:41
@Scrappy, maybe there's a correct adaptor at the link below, to go between a drive and the white connector? Select your make and model etc...

http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/agrp.jsp (http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/agrp.jsp)

25th July 2012, 20:43
also the rest of the components maybe missing before the solder points

25th July 2012, 20:52
:roll: Why didnt I think of that... Thats also a possibility...

Still worth looking into however I think.

27th July 2012, 01:31
dought many components be missing if any as the controller chip usually drives 2 channels

another thing look at is the mini pci-e connector as you can get usb of that even better if you have more than one as there are simple converters to compact flash which is just a step away from ide :) just wish my net book had more mini pci-e connectors than anything else