View Full Version : Found: Mac 128k ROMs wanted

8th October 2009, 20:33
This is the software forum!!!! :-(

Also, I found some; on their way...

This can (and should) be closed and put out of it's misery! :-)

OK, I'm cheap, so bear that in mind. :-)

Anyway, I just picked up an A-Max at an electronics shop.
Was thinking it would be neat to have this guy working.
I know I can use the software without the hardware, and I have a Mac at home, but it's working.
I won't hurt a working computer! :-)

So, I was wondering if someone had some dead Macs or spare 128k roms lying around that they'd be willing to let go of?

I believe (from the A-Max docs) that the part numbers are 342-0341-x and 342-0342-x; where "x" can be anything. :-)