View Full Version : Closed Boxed Falcon 2.0 for classic Macs

27th July 2012, 19:24
Falcon 2.0 from Spectrum Holobyte (1987). Box contains everything that originally was supplied in it:

2 x 800K floppies
keyboard shortcuts guide
hud guide
last minute tips leaflet
copy protection note
registration card

Runs with: Macintosh, Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE (1 MB RAM required, joystick optional).

Everything is in very good condition. A little wear can be observed in the corners of the box, but overall condition is very good. Floppies were tested a few years ago (that 's the last time I had a working Macintosh Plus). Thus, the floppies are sold "as is".

Price: $35 + shipping (from Finland). Paypal gift.

Pictures will be added if someone is interested :)

*edit* Here are the pics:

1st August 2012, 08:18
For some reason I cannot seem to get the edited title show up properly?! So, I figured I'll reply to my own post :)

The price has been reduced to $35 + shipping.

4th August 2012, 12:37
Ok, let's drop the price once again... The final price is $30 + shipping from Finland.