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28th July 2012, 18:50
Im still pretty new to the forum, hope im putting this in the right place.

I ve just got a CD32 and am finding it hard to track down games for it, i have read about the CD32 compilations 200, 444, & 800 but cant get them to work.

Does anyone know where i can get them from?


28th July 2012, 19:03
Not sure what you're asking. Don't you aleady have them, if you've tried and can't get them to work?

Would think your best shot, if you need them, is to head over to eab.

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28th July 2012, 19:15
Wow speedy reply!!

I managed to get the files and tried burning them to disk but cant get them to play on my cd32 i ve read that you have to burn disks at the lowest speed possible, the lowest i could do was x 8.

So was wondering rather than messing around wasting loads of cds if there was anywhere i could get working copies from?

You mentioned checking eab. Whats that?


28th July 2012, 19:22
Ah, makes more sense now. If you alread have the iso's, then nevermind eab, which is another Amiga site (english amiga board).

I'm more inclined to say you need the right brand of cd-r, not so much the speed. I've burned cd32 discs at x16 with no issues on one brand (sony + verbatim) and yet couldn't get any to work with another brand (noname).

Could also be the drive. Do music cd's or other games work?

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28th July 2012, 19:31
There are several sites: Amibay, Amiga.org & English Amiga Board for help; you'll find answers at all three. There are sites to get games, but look to another CD32 user for that info

28th July 2012, 19:36
Not sure about music cds but i ve got 3 games and they work fine, just checked and its verbatim disks im using, so its probably something im doing wrong. Will have to keep trying burning disks.

Probably getting a bit ahead of myself as i dont really have an effing clue what im doing, just really excited at the prospect of playing old amiga games i used to have on a console

28th July 2012, 19:39
Make sure you don't have CD-RW disks or anything like that. Just get plain old CD-R and burn them, should work fine.

10th August 2012, 18:44
More important than write speed is burning in the right mode. They need to be ISO 9660 level2, mode1 (straight from the cd32 wiki). Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions are not compatible.

A loooong time ago I'd bought The Big Red Adventure in hopes to play it on my CD32. It didn't even recognize the disc, but my PC read it fine. Years later I found out why. ;)

10th August 2012, 20:41
I'm pretty sure that you had lots of luck not having this thread locked as discussion about such compilations is a no no at least here. I have been informed that such compilations include modified whdload keys so you get the idea.

10th August 2012, 20:59
I found that the CD32 drive can be very picky when it comes to burned discs, also greatly depends if the laser is weak.
I have two units - one reads any CD-r I throw at it just fine, the other will only read original discs...

10th August 2012, 21:02
yep this whole conversation is a no no.

prepare to be purged!! yar jim lad, pieces of eigth, shiver me timbers etc lol

10th August 2012, 21:17

I'll be blackballin' this thread, for ye be discussin' pirate matters... no parlay....

11th August 2012, 00:57
Sadly these ( 222 / 444 and 888 ) Compilation CD's contain copyright material that is not in the public domain. While that in itself is a problem the compilation also uses a cracked WHDLoad Key, as such is detrimental to the existing WHDLoad community.

I created my own compilation CD's using my own software - it is quite easy to do, but you need the right type of media - I found tesco's brand of CD's were perfect for creating workbench and application CD's for the CD32.