View Full Version : OS4.1 classic not booting after installation

28th July 2012, 22:38

problem after problem :mad:
I installed os4.1 from cd and it finished succesfull.
i removed floppy and cd and do the cold reset.
but no booting from hd..the amiga reset afters few seconds again and again.
the partition where i installed os4.1 is marked as bootable.

if i boot from floppydisk and cd to load the bootloader and choose my partition after reset.. i can start my installation..

whats wrong with it.. ???

28th July 2012, 23:19
Check boot partition less than 4Gb and in the first 4gb of hard drive

29th July 2012, 08:54
Hi Buddy
I had the same problem what I found were: 1) make sure the Boot partition is in the first part of the disk 2) make it about 1024mb I could not get it to run on a 4 gig partition.

Other thing I would offer is use and Ide Fix not a Fast ATA unless its a mark 3.

Hope that helps.


Might help give the guys a full system spec as well that can help diagnose the problem:

If you hold down the 2 mouse buttons after a cold start can you see the boot partition what happens if you select it

The sequence should be machine turns on screen flickers as normal then it does a soft reset then the OS 4.1 boot screen appears a little after 3-5mins the system boots into OS4.1 Desktop.

What Graphics card are you using.

29th July 2012, 15:43
setting up a new rdb and partition in the first 4gb solved my problen .
thx guys.