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1st August 2012, 13:06

I'm currently restoring an A1200 and I need to harvest the ports off the back of another unit to replace the hard-to-find DB23 Male and Females that have rusted on this one. Anyone have a dead Amiga or Motherboard with nice, shiny ports on the back? A good condition A1200 shield would be a bonus.

Of course, if anyone has just the ports, I'd also be interested in those.


1st August 2012, 15:55
You can find them online and without having to desolder them from a faulty motherboard: http://www.bestpricecables.com/black-pcb-mount-right-angled-connector-db-23-male.html


1st August 2012, 16:11
Thanks for the reply Oge. Have you used these yourself? The reason I ask is that the US had an 8mm standard footprint DB23 and the EU had a 10.1mm. The Amiga i think is a 10.1mm and I'm worried it may not fit in the pin slots on the board.


1st August 2012, 16:59
If you can make your way up to sunny leek by the sea am sure we can have some fun :cool:

pm me and I`ll find a dead A500 we can play with, be good if you got desoldering stuff you would`t believe the stae of the solderting iron I am using

1st August 2012, 18:13
Thanks for the offer cosmicfrog. Yeah, I do have a desoldering station although I'm still working out how to use it properly! Anyway, I've generously been given an old 500 after posting this message and someone has also suggested stripping one of my A520 modules for DB23 female. I don't know why I didn't think of that!
Thanks anyway. I hear Leek is lovely this time of year :lol:

1st August 2012, 19:45
if you want i remove from my a600

1st August 2012, 19:47
leek is lovely all the time but it`s even better when the tide is out :cool: