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1st August 2012, 22:52
I have this A2000 I rebuild up with a new mobo recently. It's a Rev 6.3 with Super denise and Fat Agnus and Kickstart 3.1. No battery leakage on this one, fitted a nice Amikit Coin Cell adaptor. All seems to be working great. I am having a weird HD issue though. I had an original A2091 with Quantum 40MB HD in it before and am reusing that. I reformatted it and installed WB 3.1 on it and all went fine. Issue I have is on COLD BOOT the system sometimes does not autoboot (get purple insert WB disk screen) and when I do a warm boot, it boots but I get a GURU 800000003 error. Every time I reboot I get this error off the HD. If I turn system off and back on everything works perfect again for the remainder of using the system. Turn off and leave off for hours and turn back on, same issue. Sometimes it does autoboot but still get the GURU. Any ideas?

edit - I might try a different HD and also updating the roms on the 2091 to Rev 7.0

1st August 2012, 23:13
You have an electrical connection issue; something needs to be warmed up to make (even poor) contact. Look down this trail first

1st August 2012, 23:31
I'm with dbd on this: check for bad contacts and preferably power the HD from the power supply molex instead the built-in on the A2091.

Zorro slot are not have a good current/voltage supplier for power-hungry SCSI disks.

2nd August 2012, 21:34
Did some tests yesterday. Removed A2091 from Zorro 2 slot. Cleaned contacts, reseated chips, upgraded ROMs to 7.0, reseated MOLEX power connecter and 50 pin cable. Tried it, no juice. Still did the same thing.

Next I swapped out for another working A2091 and used the same HD, and let it cool for a few hours. Powered it on. Same thing! So it's not the A2091!

I wil try another HD now and see if it is indeed the HD, or the A2000/PS. Need to source some SCSI drives, I am all out! Where can I get cheap SCSI to CF adaptors?

4th August 2012, 11:01
Mechaware, but I think they are going out of stock for the SCSI card readers.

12th August 2012, 18:51

Do you mind posting a photo of the coin cell battery kit (http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1093) installed on your A2000 motherboard so we may add it to the product description on our store for other customers to see? (don't worry, I understand if you are too busy)