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12th October 2009, 13:55
For those who aren't members of the Retr0bright Wiki, I thought that I would start a thread here, so that you can all feed back ideas that can ultimately be put into the design brief for what will become Retr0bright Mk. 2.

The original recipes have been around for about a year now and even though it's an extremely niche application, I think that there is room for improving the original concept and engineering out some of the less desirable features.

My comments and ideas as to how each concept could be achieved through the use of alchemy are in italics.

Here's what has been suggested so far; this is just brainstorming and you can all make suggestions.

1. The new recipe should incorporate some kind of protection for metal parts, such as corrosion inhibitors for steel and aluminium. This will protect badges, hinges etc. whilst the peroxide ingredients treat the ABS plastic.

Borax would be a good candidate for this, as it is readily soluble in high glycol solutions and is typically used in automotive coolant corrosion inhibition systems.

2. The recipe should not evaporate as quickly when used outside. This causes the peroxide level to increase dramatically and causes ' bloom'.

Using ingredients such as glycols (anti-freeze) to dilute the hydrogen peroxide could be one way to fix this effect. This would also complement the use of Borax in the formulation.

3. The recipe should still use over-the-counter ingredients wherever possible. To make formula changes on an industrial level is easy due to supply chains, but Joe Public needs to be able to buy the ingredients locally.

So far, I could still reformulate the recipe with easily obtainable ingredients.

OK, over to you lot for more ideas and suggestions. Retr0bright is an open-source project and you are all invited to contribute.



21st December 2009, 22:12
What about a mint odour, or some funky fumes?

Seriously, a runnier version that can be sprayed on?

It'll get into those hard to reach cracks.

22nd December 2009, 00:16
I would recommend a combination of Glycerol and an pump-lever spray bottle.

mix you HHO and TAED with Warm Glycerol and then pour into a pump-level spray bottle


obviously with better colour-stenciling and without some pratt shouting at the camera-man... man ...


22nd December 2009, 09:37
Actually, Febreze bottles are quite good and the labels peel off pretty easily too; I have one filled with de-icer in the car.