View Full Version : Please check your email address is up to date

12th October 2009, 15:33
It is a requirement of Amibay that you have a valid email address saved as part of your Amibay account at all times, so that Amibay staff members can contact you, and to also be a point of contact during transactions.

I have noticed that some member's email addresses the server is trying to send automated emails out to (subscribed topic and PM notifications) are bouncing back because the email addresses it is trying to send to do not exist. This information is instantly relayed back to me from the server giving the exact reasons for an email being rejected and sent back, so it is instantly clear why an email address has failed.

Therefore, can you all please make sure that the email address you have saved with your Amibay account is up to date and working.

Members with invalid email addresses that cause emails to bounce back to the server will be contacted to be asked to update your email addresses. Failure to keep a valid email address stored with your Amibay account may lead to your account being frozen whilst it is investigated.

12th October 2009, 16:02
I had noticed that too, Harrison; getting the e-mail working again has now allowed these to show through, as they were 'lost in the storm' before.