View Full Version : Amiga 3000 Daughter Board stabilizer bar?

4th August 2012, 09:26
I just received an A3000 today and so this machine is new to me.

Is there a horizontal stabilizer bar that secures the daughter board? Or is this only secured by virtue that it is plugged into the motherboard?

4th August 2012, 13:16
The 3000D lacks such bar per se, it's a different arrangement than the one on the 4000D, for what I recall the daughter board on a 3000D is hold in place by some plastic bits between it and the floppy drive/hard disk mouting metal plate/chassis left side "wall".

5th August 2012, 10:16
There is nothing holding the doughterboard down. But the zorro cards will do the job as they are mounted with screws on the backplate and connected to the zorro ports they will lock the doughterboard into position.

There is a plastic pice in the middle of the doughterboard but that pice is lose and its only there for not letting the doughter board leaning back against the metal plate.


5th August 2012, 17:38
I am missing that piece of plastic.

5th August 2012, 19:09
All the A3000's I have worked on had 3 of those Pieces. one on each side and the middle. they are shaped like "Z"

5th August 2012, 19:40
I am missing that piece of plastic.
I've found one spare, if I can find the other two I will send them to you.

5th August 2012, 20:19
IIRC, those plastic pieces just hold the mylar sheet in place (there is a mylar sheet between the daughterboard and the drive sled) they do not actually lock the daughterboard in place, they are only there to keep the mylar sheet from falling away and possibly making way for shorts. If you dont have the mylar sheet, these clips will be useless. You can make the mylar sheet, just trace out the daughter board on any size sheet and cut the excess. the thicker the mylar the better.

EDIT: It has been a while since I have worked on these, possibly the 2 side clips hold it in place. I can't be positive at this moment.

6th August 2012, 01:55
I am missing that piece of plastic.
I've found one spare, if I can find the other two I will send them to you.

It is the middle clip that I am missing, the two on either end I have.

6th August 2012, 07:49
The plastic S-clips do both. They hold the insulating sheet between the busboard and the metal case in place, but they also hold the board in a sensible place. My A3000 also had some plastic sticky clip things that hold the board down. I'll try and make some photos some time.

6th August 2012, 07:59
I'll post a picture of it tonight in this thread and you PM me your address. If it is what you want then it is yours free. But you'll owe me a favour :p