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20th April 2008, 21:21
Hey everyone,

I'm currently searching for an Amiga 600. The machine must be in good overall condition and in working order.

If you have such a computer, with or without extra hardware (like memory card or HD) that you want to sell, I'm interested in making a purchase.

The computer will be used for coding, gaming, watching demos and painting, so it won't be bored. ;)

I'm located in Norway, but will happily buy from abroad.

Hope to hear from you soon! All offers welcome!


25th April 2008, 19:36
An Amiga 600 in fine condition has been purchased via eBay. :)

26th April 2008, 00:27
Great to hear you found one. Hope you have lots of fun with your new girlfriend! ;)

I will lock this topic.