View Full Version : Apple ii disks ?

6th August 2012, 09:03
My Apple ii doesn't like my 5.25 disks for some reason..

It boots and runs an original apple disk but it won't save to mine ? They are untested 5.25 but look new.

It formats then says check disk door , format another?

If I turn off and back on again it forgets the disk name too.

Any idea?


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I'll check some tonight when I get a 5.25 inch drive set up in my pc ...

I don't know the density or capacity of the disks or even if the apple ii is working properly or the drives..

6th August 2012, 12:49
Hi Mike

I would say 100% that HD discs will not work, same as beeb.

You need DD 5.25" only my friend..

TC :)

6th August 2012, 13:00
Hi tc

I've tried an old c64 disk , that didn't work either...

6th August 2012, 15:12
CBM 1541 could usually handle HD disks as they used another drive. You need a stronger magnetic head to handle HD disks.

These DD disks are still for sale new and used on the web

6th August 2012, 17:38
Ah perhaps thats what it is..

Ordered some dd disks :-)

Thanks all.