View Full Version : Closed (CLOSED) WTB - boxed Philips cd-i (PAL version)

14th October 2009, 14:33
I am looking for a fully working & boxed Philips Cd-i (PAL version)

Also happy to buy any additional software and/or accessories which you want to include with it. (i.e. video card, additional pads, games)

The Cd-i will have to be shipped to Italy - I will require a picture/video showing that the machine is working, before finalizing any transaction.

Awaiting your proposals. :thumbsup2:



14th October 2009, 14:59

If you get a Philips CD-i let me know as I have the CDi Video Cartridge add-on thingy, its use for say 8 includes postage to Itally =D

22nd October 2009, 10:01
Item sourced elsewhere.

Thread can be closed.


@ Zetro
Thanks for your kind offer, but the CD-i I have found already includes the Digital Video cartridge.