View Full Version : Closed Nvidia PCI card that will allow me to use Physx

11th August 2012, 18:05
Hey guys

I want to use some Physx effects on a few games, does anyone have a cheap one that will do just that? My AMD 6950 will be doing all the grunt work for the game so just need one that will run alongside that. Lowest spec available for that would be ideal as I don't want it drawing to much power. I am running a 550w PSU with the below specs.


11th August 2012, 18:46



11th August 2012, 18:53
I dont have one but i think 8800 or 9600 would be the lower end cards that could allow you to use physx without slowing down the actuall game play..
an 8400 would basically be useless, "i know i have one" you can get drivers for the 8400 that support physx, but even nvidia abandoned them.

so yeah, i cant supply you anything but at the lower end would be 8800 or 9600 so you may want to look for one of those.

So sorry for the no item. but i hope the info helps.