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11th August 2012, 21:48
Hi everyone,
I need help I have a GVP A500 HD+ and after a drive reformat I'm stuck. I thin that the GVP utilitiie assigne a too high boot priority and now i cannot boot from FDD and i get a not a dos disk on DH0. :double Is there a way to do something any help is very welcome.

Thanks for your help.

11th August 2012, 21:55
hi try booting off floppy boot disk\hold both mouse buttons down when booting, check boot priority

what do you get

11th August 2012, 22:07
DH0: priority 10
DF0: 5
DH1 to DH3 priority -10 and all ADOS
Gosh i've got 1.3 and 3.1 kicstarts ouuufffff :)

11th August 2012, 22:13
Normal for DF0 = 5, DF1 = -10, DF2 = -20, DF3 = -30, HDD = 0

set your HDD to 6 or higher so it wont boot from floppy,

so you need to lower the dh0 to 0

so when of boot selection screen click on df0 to boot and change it

11th August 2012, 22:18
I think that i will set it lower because I got a HxC Floppy unit that I need to boot from sometimes to change image files. So 0 will be ok and what about the other partitions (can they be -10 or it's better to change?).

11th August 2012, 22:22
have the other partitions been formated

11th August 2012, 22:34
Not yet

11th August 2012, 22:37
change dho then and see if it changes with other partitions

whats on dh0 now

what did you have on dh0 before formating 1.3 or 3.1

11th August 2012, 22:38
I've made 0 and the others are not changing automatically (maybe I will set them to -128 as not bootable?)

11th August 2012, 22:40
can you boot from floppy now too

11th August 2012, 23:28
Yes. Can I set DH1 to DH3 as -128 ir leave them at -10?

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Ok. Thank you a lot for your help :thumbsup: