View Full Version : Closed CD Rom plastic fascia for A4000

12th August 2012, 15:07
Hi all,

i'm looking for a plastic fascia (in place of a CD-Rom) for a A4000 .
I will answer to any proposal.
Thanks for reading.

12th August 2012, 18:36
Isn't it the same as a standard PC blanking plate?

13th August 2012, 07:40
No it is not exactly the same (different design et fixing latches location not always the same on a PC).

13th August 2012, 22:20
Have you thought of using one of these?

Allows you to fit a 3.5" HD behind the facia.

Dave G :cool:

14th August 2012, 13:28
Nice integration but I'm maniac: i want the original one :)

14th August 2012, 14:54
I have some covers left.
Shipping costs will be 3,45 EUR as a normal letter or 5,50 EUR as registered letter.

Please write a pm with a price suggestion.

17th August 2012, 17:15
Still looking for An A4000 fascia...