View Full Version : Closed XBOX 360 Power Supply 203W

12th August 2012, 16:32
Hi people :)

Looking for a MS XBOX 360 (fat) power supply unit.
The one with 203Watts out put.
This is the oldest (actually the very first released) power supply for the 360s.


These are the two at the bottom (connector views).

If by chance anyone has one spare, please let me know.

Payment via paypal please.
Postage to Athens, Greece.

Looking forward to hear from you people :)


12th August 2012, 17:47
I have 2 working power supply to sell
One is of the Xbox 360 first series buyed in 2006
The second is second series buyed in 2008

Now I'm in holidays cant watch exactly you have to wait till Monday
Asking 25 each one no shipping and no fees on PayPal

12th August 2012, 18:03
Hi, that's wonderful!

Actually the Xbox 360 I've got is the first series buyed in 2006.
So the older PSU you have is fine for me! Just go check if it's the 203W model. ;)

I'm not in a hurry, so I can wait.
Have fun to your vacations mate and we'll talk next week.

Thanks! :)

12th August 2012, 18:16
If you will need I have some parts of xbox 360 to sell to
Hd new 20gb
2 dvdplayer
VGA cable
3x Rgb cables
2 webcams Xbox 360
One joypad new
Internal fans, casis and faceplates
Some games

Just ask ;)