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12th August 2012, 20:34
Looking for a PC motherboard with:

- single big DIN keyboard socket [so it fits my case]

- battery: either coin-cell holder or with a header for battery

- at least 1 pci slot [for vga card] prefer 2 so I can add voodoo1 if I feel like it

- prefer onboard IDE and floppy connectors but not absolutely necessary

- some ISA slots - I want to use 2 ISA sound cards, possibly an ISA IDE floppy card, and an ISA NIC

- the backplates and connectors for serial, parallel and ps/2 ports as appropriate - prefer something with ps/2 but not critical.

Could be a 486 or pentium. Prefer to come with cpu but that's not critical.

Memory - not needed, I have some.

I want something that works.

Let me know what you have that might be suitable ;). Not in any hurry, I just hate having a case with nothing to fit it :lol:.

12th August 2012, 20:43
I have on with a pentium 60 and another with a pentium 75 (If I remember good the clocks after 20 years) I have to test if everything working and report...bu I'm not at home because summer vacancy will return at home 18 of August.
You can wait?

Ciao Luigi

12th August 2012, 20:58
ratfink I also have a socket5 mobo , a SOYO one IIRC with isa/pci... will get a pic tomorrow for you

12th August 2012, 21:47
thanks guys, no rush, I can wait :)

12th August 2012, 21:59
meh I made a mistake, I have a socket7 mobo :lol: , baby-AT style for p1 with ps2 mouse header :)

13th August 2012, 10:11
meh I made a mistake, I have a socket7 mobo :lol: , baby-AT style for p1 with ps2 mouse header :)

Sounds like the of thing I was looking for:).

13th August 2012, 10:53
I have a few motherboards that might fit.

Baby AT slot 1
Baby AT Super Socket 7
Baby AT Socket 5/7
Baby AT socket 3

Will chek models later today.

13th August 2012, 15:19
Checked and within what you want i have these:

Slot 1 - PC Partner VIB862D


Super Socket 7 - DFI P5VB3+


Socket 7 - DFI P5BTX/L


Can put a cpu with them. I have all the COM and PS2 cables too.

16th August 2012, 15:02
Please close, I have abandoned this project, but thanks to all who replied.

16th August 2012, 15:21
allright amigo!